Fall Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update on Dylan.

After a bad week at Loretta’s he has been training like a man possessed, to the point I had to make him take time off the bike. At the Vurb Classic he had a top 5 finish in School Boy 1. He was working his way up to a top 10 in 250B (on a 125) when he landed on a downed rider. Dylan got a mild shoulder separation. The doctor said he should be a 100% by the first week of October.

His trainers (Travis Blackburn and Tim Ferry) want him to stay on the 2 stroke for one more season because of his age. So we’ve decided to get him a 250 2 stroke to give him a fighting chance in the B class. He’s looking forward to Mini O’s and we hope to see everyone there.

                                           Thanks for your support,

                                                Mike Greer and Family